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  1. Analyzing other data by Groups/Segments

  2. Can different data sources be used?

  3. Can I alter the responses or edit the raw data?

  4. Can I apply PowerPoint templates to your charts?

  5. Can I change the base number that DataCracker refers to when calculating multiple choice questions?

  6. Categorizing Numeric Data

  7. Comparing Batches in SurveyMonkey

  8. Comparing differences between columns

  9. Create a bar graph with axis in the middle (negative values on left of axis)

  10. Create Groups/Segments

  11. Creating a Banner

  12. Creating a Theme for Reports

  13. Creating and combining phrases in Word Clouds

  14. Data file set up

  15. Do you offer training?

  16. Does DataCracker offer any inferential statistics, or just descriptive ones?

  17. Exporting table or chart data

  18. How can I change the confidence level at which results are displayed as significant?

  19. How can I filter a table so it only shows people who have chose a specific answer from another question?

  20. How can I import a paper survey or PDF file into DataCracker?

  21. How can I put multiple questions on the same chart?

  22. How can we change the shape/size of the "Text Box" vertically?

  23. How do I calculate correlations?

  24. How do I compare responses between groups?

  25. How do I create a crosstab (a.k.a. cross table)?

  26. How do I export the people that fell into a segmentation group?

  27. How do I interpret a crosstab table?

  28. How do I remove the arrows from charts or tables?

  29. How do I sort my data?

  30. How does DataCracker compare to other analysis software?

  31. How to calculate Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  32. I have 2 surveys with a similar structure, can DataCracker analyze or compare them?

  33. I think I found an error in the calculation of averages?

  34. I want to see how responses trend over time or perform time series analysis

  35. Importing data from Google Forms

  36. Importing Excel spreadsheets or CSV files

  37. Interpreting the Analysis Summaries

  38. Interpreting the arrows and colors

  39. Is DataCracker sophisticated enough to handle complex survey data weights and different variance estimators? 

  40. Managing Filters and Weights

  41. Manual download of SurveyMonkey data

  42. Master slides / Master pages

  43. Merging and Splitting Questions

  44. Most Common Analysis Tasks

  45. Predictive Trees

  46. Statistical testing assumptions

  47. SurveyMonkey is demanding a more expensive plan

  48. Viewing text data as categories

  49. Weighting

  50. What data file formats does DataCracker support?

  51. What significance tests does DataCracker use?

  52. Why don't percentages add up to 100%?

  53. Words missing from Word Clouds

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