How can I filter a table so it only shows people who have chose a specific answer from another question?

Say you have a table showing a contact list of people.  You want to filter this table so it only shows people who chose the answer Yes from the question Would you like to be contacted by our sales staff?

You can do this in DataCracker by creating a Filter that describes the people who chose a particular answer from a question, and then applying that Filter to a table.


1. Click on the table that shows the contact list.
2. Click HOME > Data Selection > New Filter.
3. Fill out the New Filter form:
    a) Choose the data that describes the people in the filter: select the question you want to filter by, for example Would you like to be contacted by our sales staff?

      Tip: if your question does not appear here, it may be because it is text data.  You will need to Cancel the New Filter form and first convert the text data to categories by finding the table of the question and clicking DATA MANIPULATION > Structure > Percentages

    b) Choose the categories to include in the filter: check the boxes for the answers you want to include in the filter, for example Yes.

    c) Change how the filter is shown in the caption of tables and charts: DataCracker creates an automatic description which you can improve, for example by typing Wants to be contacted. This description will be shown in the caption of tables where the filter is used.

4. Click Create filter.
5. Observe that the filter has automatically been applied to the table.
     The HOME > Data Selection > Filter: dropdown turns green to indicate this.
     Also, the table's caption has been updated to include Filter: description and details of the filtered sample size.

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