A weight re-balances the sample size of your survey. You can apply the weight to tables and charts to affect the results.

For example, if 40% of your survey respondents were male, but your country's population is 55% male, then you would choose Gender data and enter a target of 55% male.

Creating weights

DataCracker supports the use of weights in 2 ways, described below.

1. Using an existing weight variable in the data file

Your data file may contain a variable (typically named weight) that is created by your survey collection software.  This means the survey collection software already understands your weighting targets.  The numeric values in the weight variable will be inversely proportional to the prevalence of each observation in the population.

As a simple example, if you have a survey answered by 3 people (2 Females, 1 Male) and your survey collection software understood you wanted to have an equal proportion of Females and Males, it would generate a weight variable with numeric values of 0.5 for the Females, and 1 for the Male.  This would under-weight the answers that the 2 Females gave to other questions in the survey by 50%.

2. Entering targets for another question in the survey

DataCracker allows you to enter a target % or count against a single question in the survey.

For example, if you wanted to weight the answers of the survey by Gender, so you have equal proportions of Females and Males, you could choose the Gender question, and then enter values of 50% for both Male and Female, as shown in the screenshot below.

Applying weights

Now you have created a weight, you can apply to tables and charts in the report.

1. Select a table or chart.
2. Use the HOME > Data Selection > Weight dropdown to select the new weight, as shown in the screenshot below.

To apply weights to all of the tables and charts in your report:
1. Click on the first page of your report (in the list of pages on the left of the window)
2. Scroll down to the last page of your report.
3. Holding down Shift on your keyboard, click on the last page.
4. Now that all pages are selected (indicated by a blue rectangle around each page in the list), you can use the same HOME > Data Selection > Weight dropdown to change the weight for all pages at once.

Weight targets against multiple questions

Entering weight targets for multiple questions in the survey depends on an algorithm known as rim weighting or rake weighting.  DataCracker does not support this weighting algorithm, and is restricted to only entering weight targets against a single question in the survey.  The only possible solution is to create the weight variable in other software prior to importing the data into DataCracker.

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