Master slides / Master pages

Master slides can be edited by selecting Appearance > View > Page Master (available in The Lot plan only) and making changes to the layout and formatting. There are a fixed number of master slides which apply for the different types of pages that you can have in DataCracker: Title, Single Item, Item and Text, Two Items, and Title Only.

The master for an individual slide is selected when making a new slide, or it is changed for an existing slide by selecting the slide and clicking
Home > Page Layout > Layout.

The types of formatting changes you can make on the master slide are:
  • Font formatting of text boxes, the main item (table or chart) and its footer.
  • Position and size of the different pre-determined slots (title, item, text box).
  • Addition of new text items (e.g. for a company footer on each page).
  • Addition of new images (e.g. for a background image or company logo on each page).
It is sometimes incorrectly expected that master pages control the following:
  • Chart colours.  This is instead controlled by Chart Templates.
  • Types of charts (e.g. that the default chart should be a bar chart no matter what the data).  This is not controllable in DataCracker.  The chart type is automatically selected by an export system based on the type of data.

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