Merging and Splitting Questions

If a single question from your survey has been broken into multiple questions by DataCracker, or DataCracker seems to have merged two questions together, then this will help you fix your project.

Background: A single survey question (e.g. Which sorts of pets do you own?) can be made up from multiple variables in your data file (e.g. whether a respondent clicked Dogs, whether he ticked Cats, etc).  Unfortunately most data files do not tell DataCracker which variables should be grouped together, and DataCracker must make an educated guess.  DataCracker looks for common variable labels and detects variables with common answers.

To fix this you should:
  1. Use DATA MANIPULATION | Structure | Split to break each problem question into its constituent variables.
  2. Use DATA MANIPULATION | Structure | Combine to merge them into correct questions.

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