Importing data from Google Forms

Yes - you can import data from Google Forms.  However, the data from Google Forms is not in a good format to use in DataCracker.  Particularly if the survey has open-ended responses, Google Forms mixes the open-ended responses with the main responses from the question, which can lead to big messy tables.

Check out and determine...

Are you storing responses in a spreadsheet (default option)?
  If so - go to the spreadsheet on your Google Drive, then select File > Download as > Comma Separated Values (.csv, current sheet)

Or have you chosen to "Keep responses only in Forms" (this is not Google's default)?
  If so - in Google Forms, select File > Download as > Comma Separated Values.

Once you have the .csv file on your local drive, you can then upload it into DataCracker.

My survey is in Google Forms and has several questions that are multiple choice/multiple answer. How do I upload the data into DataCracker?

DataCracker doesn’t support the format that Google Forms uses to store multiple response data. One method to get around this is to:
1. Open the data file in Excel.
2. Use the Text To Columns feature to split up any multiple-response data and to get the data looking more like the format described in the Text Files section at:
3. Upload the data to DataCracker using Upload Data > Other > Upload.

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